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Case Studies

If you are not convinced that Ultraviolet can eliminate germs, please read the case studies below for solid scientific proof. Because Sterilyte is an investment in your businesses health and safety, we want you to be convinced that this method of non-chemical disinfection is not only cost effective, but works!


Room Decontamination with UV Radiation

This case study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a UV-C–emitting device to eliminate clinically important nosocomial pathogens in a contaminated hospital room.

Bottom line: The UV-C device was effective in eliminating vegetative bacteria on contaminated surfaces both in the line of sight and behind objects within approximately 15 minutes and in eliminating C. difficile spores within 50 minutes.

To read more, download case study by clicking here

Terminal Decontamination of Patient Rooms Using an Automated Mobile UV Light Unit

This case study was conducted o determine the ability of a mobile UV light unit to reduce bacterial contamination of environmental surfaces in patient

Bottom line: The mobile UV-C light unit significantly reduced aerobic colony counts and C. difficile spores on contaminated surfaces in patient rooms.

To read more, download case study by clicking here






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