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Sterilyte n the Restaurant Industry

By the time the food has reached the kitchen, it has been processed, handled, shipped, and refrigerated; any of which may have exposed the food to harmful pathogens. Commercial kitchen surfaces are constantly subjected to these foods. The CDC estimates that over 48 million food born illnesses occur each year contributing to over 3,000 deaths per year due to food born pathogens.

Presently proper methods of handling the food and disinfecting the surfaces and cooking temperatures are dictated by the Health Department and emphasized in their Serve Safe program. Even with these measures in place, Food-Borne illnesses occur. Why one would ask? Human beings are the weak link.

SteriLyte's specialized, high energy UV-C system has been proven to kill virtually all bacteria, molds and viruses. To learn more about how this technology works, click here, or contact our SteriLyte representative at 1.888.549.0386.


  Sterilyte In the Day Care Industry

As most people already know, the challenges of preventing children from getting sick in a day care or pre-school facility is next to impossible. Young children sneeze, cough, drool, use diapers and are just learning to use the toilet. They hug, kiss, touch everything, and put objects in their mouths. Illnesses may be spread in a variety of ways: coughing, sneezing, direct skin-to-skin contact, or touching a contaminated object or surface. Respiratory tract secretions that can contain viruses (including respiratory syncytial virus and rhinovirus) contaminate environmental surfaces and may present an opportunity for infection by contact. The cost to the parents of lost work time and the scheduling problems have become more critical due to the needs of a two income or single parents challenges. Therefore, parents are always looking to improve the likelyhood of having fewer instances of children having to stay home due to illness.

Keeping the childcare environment clean is one of the best ways to help ensure that children stay healthy. Dirty toys, bedding, linens, eating utensils, and surfaces can carry and spread germs. Regular disinfecting should be a part of the routine in a childcare setting.

Presently proper methods of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting all surfaces, toys, bedding, furniture and food preparation are dictated by each individual State. Even with these measures in place, child illnesses occur. Why one would ask? Human beings are the weak link.

Now the childcare center can help by assuring that all surfaces, toys, furniture and general areas are highly disinfected by the use on the SteriLyte and it’s highly effective UV-C technology.




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